apology and CNY

ok. i m DEAD tired so i m not postin anything much.

An apology first.

I AM SORRY THAT I M NOT ABLE TO MAKE VALENTINES TAGS ON TIME. i have already finished designin all your tags. now left is takin pictures. so yea. that I will put off abit. when i have more time this wk.

now i'll explain why i have NO time at all.

SPRING CLEANING totally killed me. jus so you guys know.

i spent the morning of CNY and Valentines, cleanin the toilet and kitchen =.= yes, you read right. my mom was feelin so horrible that i have to do it. well. i m a filial kid, what to do /0/

so yea. i slept at 3am. rofl. and woke up at 6 to prepare and also to style my mom's hair.
hell. no one could recognise me on first look that day. imba anot? hahahahaha....


well on friday i went out shoppin with twinneh and her sis after we finished up our last test.
twinneh bought her new shoes. SUPER CUTE for her. i was like 0w0/

den after that Shinn came, cos he complain no one shop with him and kesh wasnt replying. so twinneh let me go and i went shoppin round two with shinn. consists of buyin him new jeans and new strings for priscilla[which he ended up screwin it up abit. LOL]

den head over to astons. BAKED POTATO OH YEA.
and back home for awesome CURREH CHICKEN =w=b
of course shinn followed =.= i think he would die for my mom's curreh chicken. *huggles him*


well. wished that everyone had had an awesome Vday and a great CNY ahead. its a great hols so far, and i m loving it =w=b


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