Cleaning room PT 2

hahahah my little dorks at the arcade. did i mention how much i love their bodies? HURHURHUR

anyway. today is part two by hieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

1. bad migraine
2. laziness
3. HOD2/3 withdrawal, still waiting for my bro to say OMGLETSPLAY

anyway. i think i did a pretty good job today too~

i've packed all the horrors into the horror cabinet,
re-arranged my stuff on the shelves.

top one for the common accessories[stuff that i wear out everytime i go out]
middle one for...EVERYTHING
bottom one for makeup misc and my extensions[i have alot >.>;;]

and i vacumn the bottom of my BOTTOM WHERE NO MAN CAN EVER REACH IT unless you drag out the whole damn bed.

vacumn my pillows 8D nice fluffy sleep for tonight

well. i m pratically nearly done with everything...cept for the clothes i chucked on the platform i've cleaned YESTERDAY. holy shiat. lol. hahahahaha bad habit yo 8D


here are the valentine tag list

Chiru [ghey]

the mutual vote is feminine dood. so i guess jrocker style is in the win

i m still accepting valentine requests from people. so =3=/ tag. i'll be stopping on friday afternoon. cos thats when i'll do my tags =3=/

so long~

tmr two test. god.


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