Hair mutating day ROFL

name tag for Cero-kun

ok. so we were kam pua bo liao. LOL

so we decided to dye our was...quite. FAIL in a sense, but DAMN WINZ in another 8D

so the verdict. was.

we have.... brown, black, blonde, plantinum, orange and apricot brown on our heads 8D hurhur

Lawliet's picture colours are more accurate =w=/


before we tried apricot, she looked like eggtart. lol





it was fail for her cos she has black dye before
it was fail for me cos most of the bleach was used on her head. if not i would not have used the apricot dye =w=lll and be pure plantinum blond. hur.


on a side note. it was an awesome day 8D

twinneh and I saw the LIGHT. lol

=== on another happy side note =w=b FIRST BRIGADE IS FORMED >3 as for debut...prolly near mid year


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