Room cleaning PT 1

my favourite dorks playing arcade <3 ANYWAY. today is yours truly's spring cleanin PT 1. homg luh. the amount of DUST BUNNIES and USELESS CRAP are fully loaded and launchin at me ;A; but i have survived cleaning my bed area [includes the unknown area under the bed where all things lie, the OMFG working platform for the lazy, and the artistic desk of mine]

I shall move on to cleaning the rest of the area tmr [which includes the layers of styles(well my accessories shelf), the sea of fabric, and the horror cupboard of hair(okay, wigs. lol)]

well. alot of rather epic things i found today, but first see what i did to lawliet's hair 8D Photobucket



first up.

my fav wallet i used during seconday school. goddamit. i m almost relunctant to change to a new one during that time if it wasnt for the fact that this wallet is failing me =3= the fake leather is AWESOME shit and it was slim and chio =3=



OMAI. hahaha look what we have~
my little helper during all maths lesson XD
well...really abused, but who doesnd XD


a art done by nut during that times. homg. have no idea why i have this piece though..



DAMN CUTE RIGHT? i have no idea where this in from. the only thing i can think of is that I think it was from the ring lolli that me and presh had during our genting trip with jon...i think



not to mention i found a few useful stuff and MY CABLE. HELL YEA, MY HP CABLE. now transferring pictures would be a BREEZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE naise, I liek.


after that, i was suppose to blog. well. word being SUPPOSE.

I got carried away by my bro and his tempting me of playing House of Dead 2/3 on Wii =.=;;; I CANT HELP IT. I have shifted my laptop to the living room, and the Wii is in the living room. hell. but I loved it.

Not to mention the fact that he trashed me in terms of accuracy in Dead2, but I won over him in Dead3. However....I am always the last one to die AND i cannot survive without him. wtf. HAHAAHAHA...I am damn dependent on him when it comes to games, I am not good at that shit. HAHAHAHAHA

so we sorta agreed to roll every night /0/
this is call BROTHER BONDING OKAI. hahahaha. brother love 8D jus like the two on top HAHAHAHHA

on a little side note, I am doing valentine's day nametag requests =3=/ if you would like one, please leave a tag saying if your would like a manry one, a feminine guy one or a pure female one. LOL

with exceptions of shinn. you CANNOT have one *BLEARGH


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