=A+ tired shag super tired. lol

ok. cut the crap. i m too tired.

EVERYDAY also got something to do.

jus a slight update. will update with pictures soon.

new year >> camwhored like crazy with my cousin+ editing of pictures as a result

shopped with shinn quite a few times for his stuff, tortured a couple of days ago. ok. not really torture, but restoration to his Aoi looks. and he has been leeching LOTSA food from my house these two weeks. I wont be surprise if he grows fat.

met a new friend, freelance tattoo artist Xu Meiya, owner of 13tattoos and co.http://www.13tattoo.net/
went out with him to jp. damn lol.



eat like WHOA with lawliet and jon at army's expense

sing like crazy with lawliet, jon, yukino, gerald, kelvin, kiat and uhhhh i forgot her name.
and lol. i m sucha mic hogger *frips hair* hahahahaha


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