tootured Subject 01


so here it is. tortured subject, shinn. currently he is the only practice canvas for me =3=lll

so above picture was trying out Uruha's makeup....which...kinda...FAILED apparently cos HELLOOOOOOO stupid guy,looked so much like Aoi. coupled with black hair, WORST. total Aoi =3= dont know whether to hate it or to love it. orz.

so yea. i was quite happy with it either way.

So the below one is actually miyavi-inspired styled. which style, go find it yourself.
its BRIGHT lawls. and MISTER was complaining how ghey he looked cos of the brightness and the pink. oh hell yea. i dumped pink on both his eyes and lips *frips hair*
but lawls. still chio okai!!!

will still be doing more with this tortured canvas[both physically and metally huhuhu]. and he even picked his own lineup =.- ass. so nex up would prolly be mika nakashima and ga-in. OKAI. I KNOW. GA-IN. wtf right? =.=;;; dear lord. lets see him turn totally ghey =3=ll


okai. so i m rotting my life away.

doin shoot tmr. and a few photogs have contact me bout paid shoots. eager to get started =3=b


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