update update~~ *yawns*

hahaha one epic picture from school. where twinneh wanted to go home,and thus the message behind. seriously epic. when i saw it, i was dying of laughter. i swear, she's jus so cute sometimes. *loves*

so on to bloggin some photos before they becomes a huge backlog which i would never want to touch =w=lll been losing motivation. HUR.

so we went out on two days, but i only have photos for the second day[day after SOYB]


hahaha his fringe grew


narcissist at the station~~


hahaha OMG forgot to rotate~
totally love my hair that day~~

rocking shoes FTW~

awesome lightin is awesome /0/


hahahaha and my little in-house model~


the diva is still in pieces -w-ll i wonder if i can paint him in time for new year. ROFL. not that it really matters though, but i love my diva-boy so yea. rofl.

update again tmr =w=b will be uppin some chio RnC pictures -w=/ teh $80+ shoot which i got angry over. lucky i still look smexy. lol. *kenna bricked to death*


anyway. some school stuff.

I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED FYP. omg so relieved. nex up is UT. nothing much. it will be a breeze. so yea. finally i m going to graduate, or so i hope =w=b

I realise I have been out late these days. well...mainly with twinneh.
I have been companying her to stay back at school for her portfolio development project. We also went out to daiso for a little shoppin trip. I really enjoy times when I am out with twinneh <3 its like...ionno. just full of...you know...twinneh feelings *huggles her to death*

oh Jon, dont be jealous. HAHAHAHAHHA


on a side note. today I went home, WET. oh rofl. i was caught in the rain, when i reached home my mom was like HOMG WHY ARE YOU SO WET? WHY DIN YOU CALL ME TO GO FETCH YOU?

well.. said thought did cross my mind. but i recalled her complainin about headache jus the other day, so hey~ i love my mom. i would rather get sick in her place, so yea, i decided to walk home in the rain...in heels. because I have presentation so hey~~~~ heels and formal wear.

I just couldnt bring myself to tell her, so I just kept saying it was alright and avoided the topic completely. It is times like that I cannot be honest...despite me fooling around on normal days saying LOVE YOU MOM and getting WTF looks from her. I do love my family no matter how much I say I hate them for some stuff.


Recently, I read nut's blog. I realise there are little stuff which you can notice to make you happy.
For example, your mom decides to cook your fav dish.
Isnt that a happy thing? but things like that are taken for granted by us. so yea.


here's nut's blog.

quoting from her:
So, what made you happy today?

feel free to tag on my chatbox on things that made you happy today. I will do a post collation if there are like...more then 5 tags perhaps?


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