Cause i m lazy to transfer the picture nao, so i decide to blog bout cendrillion instead 8D

hahahaha i can finish the starting in one breath, but ONLY if its in kogeinu's tone. I am going to train for luka's HURHURHUR *gets bricked to death* wtf. MURI DESU~~hur

so yea. /0/

here is the song and the english translation

It seemed like only a dream when we danced till morning.
The clock ticked away with a magic ring.
Fingers calling to me to escape down the stairs.
Three steps at a single time to hide the dark truth.

The bitter coldness of a horse drawn carriage.
Dancing with clothes that would turn back into miserable rags at night.

Find a stranger with a masked face.
A person who whispers softly to you.
Holding onto the hilt of your sharp blade, it will cause sadness and ruin..

Orphans gather inside the castle.
Each of their faces with a fake smile.
The wings of an angel don't hold the answers
they will not help you to know the truth.

The glass slipper, that was left behind, slowly melts into a red flame's ashes.

I see that you're trembling as you wish to return home.
You take a glance at the clock tower.
My dancing shoes fell down a slope as I kicked them off.
My fingers slowly wrapped around his neck.

I tried to remedy her falling tears.
All the electrifying impulses flowing through my nerves were too much.

I never want the bell to ring,
I let out a cry and said goodbye,
With my knife in hand I stabbed you violently,.
Even though it was a dilemma.

The princess who wears a perfume that had the scent of deadly gunpowder.
My mask of ice with a flaming gaze that broke, it was too much to handle.

I could still feel his breathe on my skin.
But it's only a dream of long ago.
The silver moon it drapes her in a shimmering glow.
Then she shines like the brightest stars.

Rip this dress with your running legs.
You no longer need to wear your crown.
A quick glance into your eyes, it sparks a flame that could warm two lonely souls.
There is just no satisfaction in playing the only one who is not
Able to stop your flooded eyes from flowing for now and forever.

I just wish that time would stand still.
I want to savor this moment for all time.
I want to be able to store it away, the sound of your beautiful beating heart.

This sensation fills me with joy, this wonderful warm and wet feeling.
And my whole body is immobilized.
It makes me feel like I'm in a fairy tale.

lyrics by liliancharlotteli


I hate being pressurized. I shall shut out everything that pressurizes me. its the only way.


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