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if I have any mistakes in this post, pardon me. Cos i jus woke up, and i am still shaky but i decided to do a blogpost anyway.

In reply to chrysan's meimei blog, for march 18.
Sure, gege will treat you to paddle pop icecream if you look like her:
go learn your makeup properly. HAHAHAHA, and reach your goals ^^ if not you come and let korkor experiment also can. HAHAHAHA.


secondly, i tink all of your have seen the left column. POLLS~
yes please do it if you think its amusing, or just for the sake of amusing me. i'll come back with the results by monday 8D

and please do click on the ads as usual for the sake of my stomach.

thirdly I am feelin well already. Thanks for the all the concerns and well wishes. I do hope i pass the air service crew test with SIA tmr...but I seriously dont look like I am in condition to do so D8.


FORTHLY and finallyyyyyy!/pages/0W0-Sochii-Kamiya/363162827848

an FB fan page of mine. Whether you would like to join to support me is purely up to your own willingness and amusement, but I thank all my supporters here first *bowsbows* thanks alot.

so this will be all for today. =3=/ sankyuu people again for the wellwishes. I'll be back and roaring tmr night about what happen in the day >3


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