HAHAHAHA. it is really marvellous how morons are ALL over the internet.

You know like how they are so serious in real life but they are actually a WRECK online?
I have met alot of those kind of people, making comments that makes no sense. On top of that, i do meet these kind of people in real life too, i think they are really loser-ish.

so since this guy likes to publicize, WHAT BETTER WAY THAN TO HELP HIM? I gain good karma too by helping him right?

so people, please click on the picture for a bigger view.

He would like to publicize his huge penis, so we must be kind and give him some of our utmost attention ^^


seriously. no.

dont ever mess with people who are close to me.
defenitely dont mess with my closest cousin.
we have been together since birth, and i'll screw anyone upside down who messes with feng.
so dont push it, oh-mr-i-think-i-have-big-penis-indian-guy.

i gave you the publicity you wanted. but as for my opinion? usually people who say they have big [insert whatever here] have really small [insert whatever here]
the problem why i say [insert whatever here] cos it doesnt really have to be related to private parts really. Some people have very small and shallow hearts/thoughts too.

what a way to have my second post of the day.

oh and btw, we dont know him AT ALL. so i have zilch idea why he posted there in the first place


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