Muscles spazz

another picture from our magnet shoot /0/

first things firsts~

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thanks for the fans who joined upon publish in blog 8D ilu~
and lastly, I WON THE WHEN IN ROME PREVIEW~ and of course, i invited my twinneh Lawliet to watch it with me ~

SORRY I PS YOU GUYS TODAY, but i know you guys will understand.

so i went for the air crew interview today. TOO MANY PPL, and i was feeling overwhelmed and nausea. so i decided to forsake it.

after that, n shinn made a slight mistake and missed my final theory test too. ah well....need to rebook but with BBDC i guess.

so we reached home at about 12pm. my muscles was spazzin REALLY BAD. i looked like someone who had a stroke and kept spazzing. It was SCARY, but at the same time funny. Shinn wasnt laughin though, no idea why, he said it was heartbreaking to watch me like that....i thought it was funny though even though it was a horrible feeling. Your body wont move the way you want it to....horrible.
so i had this suction cups treatment from my mom, PAIN LIKE HELL. so yea =.= barely made it.

In the end, i buried myself in blankets and fell asleep. a while later i woke up to lunch, and shortly after, i fell asleep again due to exhuastion. The next thing i woke up to was nearly stepping on shinn, cos he was sleepin on a mattress next to my bed. LOL.

after sweating it out, i m better, but my muscles still cramps. It would be better yet. I hope to recover before monday, i wanna enjoy the movie with twinneh~

so i shall go rest nao /0/


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