Situation ONCE AGAIN

with chio twinneh at shoot 8DDDD

ANYWAY. situation again last night. gosh. yesterday, was my worse day ever...

so yea.

I sorta got a swelling lump on near my butt on my hips. hurt like hell and i couldnt sleep until 4am in the morning.
But I have recovered for now. turns out it was just a normal swelling, so I am good to go for tmr~

Cant wait for tmr night /0/ free moviehhhhhh =3=/ with twinneh. its been quite a while since the two of us scotted out alone. usually its with someoneelse, unless we skip school HUR.

Twinneh~ next time if you skip school, tell me 8D i take leave from my job if i have one 8DDDDD /0/

provided i dont get into university..even though i want to get in, but the moment i do, its the end of freedom =3=/

time to go find something to do so that i wont fall asleep again. LOL!


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