yay /0/I got someone to do visual yukata version with me XD
well. its...just say only. HAHAHAH god knows if he will back out on me like he did last time....two times... BAH. *frowns*


its only the third...well officially second day since i started doing SOMETHING on friday..and i m already thinkin ways to get myself fired =.=;;;

why am i so angry? let me tell you a story.

we name it A B C. A being me.

A started work on thurs.
A only worked for three days, including today.
A only started learning SOMETHING useful on the second day.
Which means today is A's second day to learn.

And B who is A's mentor, shoved EVERYTHING TO A. all the invoices and quotations.
B expects A to finish invoices by 5pm when A started @ 3pm. and A did not know that deadline was 5pm. so during submission, A was blamed. it was A's third day of work.

Who helped B to complete B's deadline in the morning at 10.30am? it was A.

What was B's excuse nt to help? Because B has to complete codes to submit tmr to the program system.
C was suppose to help, and what was C doing? Making random calls to increase C's sales. bluntly put, to increase C's martherfarking commissions.

so who has to bear the brute of everything and risk being scolded by Boss and Warehouse People? A.


so whut now?
I am chopped liver??

fuck that.
I am going to look for a way to get myself fired.

this job is mentally exhaustin.

on the other hand...i need a new lip balm. =.= cant find my old one. and the aircon in the office is destroying my lips, and drinkin water oftenly doesnt really help.


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