another short update 8DDDD

random aoi's picture, he likes GENTLE girls. rofl. i m so not gentle 8DDDD
well. *settles for kai* HAHAHAHA i cant have a drunkard husband, sorry uruha-darling even though i like you alot.

nonsense. LOL
well. this is what stress can do to you i guess =.=;;;


i be playin MINX now
it be a fashionista game, so dont play if you dont like fashion games[some people thinks its BORING, so yea]

my advise to you is DONT anyhow spend. hahaha go to career first 8D *learnt it the hard way*
people who are on MINX, add me up 8DDD

*frips hair*

gonna have a shoot tmr =.=
but before that i m going to go to BBDC to sign for my FTT. wtf. I M GOING TO LUNGE A 1M BEAR THERE. shit. hahahaha


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