non-related picture~ but TEH VERDICT IS INNNNNN

VERDICT : cathay's astons suck balls, city hall's aston wins hands down /0/ to hell with cathay's astons~~~~ have no idea why people line up there like AGES jus to get in, and the food sucks. city hall wins /0/ and its closer to me tooooo 8DDDD

you know why? you know why?

cos i walked into astons @ cathay with Jon and Lawliet, the food i had was MEH. and the baked potato was PUI. there wasnt enough butter at all.

but jus now, after pencil and friends'[oh rofl, dont ask me why this funny name.this is not their real band name btw] jammin session. Shinn suggested astons, so i was like okai. went there, ordered beef <3 and the baked potato was just as i remembered!! awesomely awesome with a HUGE slab of imba butter 8DDDD i should order rare next time maybe...but my tummeh isnt good these few days.

Been rejecting quite some food....
jus the other day[some weekday], went pizza hut with yijun jie, lawliet and jon. My food went in, stay for 30mins[after the whole meal]...and came out.
I was like...shit. i dont feel good. *goes to the toilet with lawliet*
*burp something solid out*
me: eh lawliet. i think i going to throw up *calm*
lawliet: orh. go lor. *ignore me and went into toilet ;A;*
me: *went into toilet*... *3...2...BLEARGH* ah~<3 *went out and wash up*
and the rest of the session was me trying to sneeze out tomato soup from my damn nose and get rid of the acid taste from my throat. LOL.

gross. i know. but heck.

went out on sat with jon and lawliet, had ma maison food for lunch and watched kick ass.
it looked more like villians VS villians to me though. lol.

but yea. another fun day /0/


i need to rest =.= i had abit of flu since sat. LOL


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