decided what you say.

lol. decided i m going to get a damn instax

well. either the pearl one or the LE hello kitty one. Dont ask me why i want the hello kitty one =.= its jus....attractive. LOL and its LE *frips hair*
i've found them at $150 and $180 each. rofl. well...mayb it might work if i kill a few plans.....NAH~ i cant do that. i will jus have to work extra hard this year if i want it den =w=b i wan a cheki with a pooh bear border 8D *found it too* hur.

reason being i cant get polaroids cos they are too fuckin expensive, and i so wanna play with an instant, so yea =w=/
@ chiru > WE CAN HAS AWESOME FARNIE PHOTOS LIKE THE DORKS 8D hur. lol jus smaller in sizin cos theirs is polaroid. lol.

I m pretty much lazy as usual. lol.
have a round two interview for job tmr /0/


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