POST April fool and dreams.

i be manri 8D
ahahahahah and there be new poll, please do it 8D

April fool is EVERYWHERE on the net =.= gosh.

model mayhem > changed EVERYTHING in the directory button to MY STUFF. wth? hahaha

facebook > evrybody started switching their relationship status, STUPID MUCH. yes i think its stupid. and that is not because i was fooled, cos i thought its lame to use it as a joke.

deviant art > changed EVERYBODY'S AVATAR into four category, team gaga, team edward[cullen duh], jacob[wtf wolfboy] and team seeker [i watched three episodes of this and fell asleep all three times]

pico @ FB > made everybody FLEA size so that their room look BIGGER. hahahahaa this was funny

mafia @ FB > changed all the chop shops into unicorn makin shops. SUPER PRETTY 8D

No doubt, everything was funny. I was very amused at dA's joke, den it got annoying cos i want my face back.

but funny being so, here is my negative thoughts on jokes and april fool

honestly, i always thought april fool's day is wtf. I mean, yea sure its fun when you are in primary school and scream cockroach at your friends, but when you grow up, the jokes gets IRRITATING and HARMFUL, and even HURTING.

I used to have friends using the name of practical jokes to BULLY people.
I used have friends calling me up eh, XXX got into hospital. AND WHEN I M STILL IN SHOCK, they shout april fool. DO YOU KNOW THAT IS NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT? what if someone call you and tell you that your boyfriend is in the hospital, keeps you hanging awhile and den tell you its a joke? you think its still funny?
I used to have friends throwing rubber into water bottles. YOU KNOW THATS IRRITATIN? especially if there is no water cooler for re-filling, you still think its funny when that person is prolly sick and coughing?

and by used to, cos i stop contacting these friends.

Some people do not think when they play practical jokes. Jokes are funny, but when it becomes a hazard, it is not anymore.
Not that I am being a cold blanket or whatever. I like playing jokes on people, and I have my fair share of doing it, but I regret some of them.
Jokes are fine people, but please, think of what will happen AFTER and not jus do it cos you personally think its fucking funny.

think people.
but of course, if its safe and its funny, go ahead 8D it be awesome

next~ is my dreams 8D

its prolly a return from my subconcious to this post:

so i was out with the common few, INCLUDING CYTH AND AZHRIEN[both of them are my phillipines buddies]i've already told them though, i din tell cyth bout her cos she din really do anything 8D;;;

so we were walking and talking. i was talking to lawliet bout the some shoot, and cyth was on my other side with jon beside lawliet. so we were walking through a foodcourt [of my own common design, cos i have this definite design for the location of my dream, mayb its a sign 8DDD]
so i was like, mayb azh could shoot for us along with cyth. Cyth said okay, so i turned around

me: hey azh-
azh: *shoves someone off his seat
me: *stops and stares* /everybody turns around
azh: *sits down*
me: HON?
azh: *eats up the poor guy's bowl of noodles, which was untouched btw/NEW*
- bout a while later after he finishes [btw the dude jus ran off with the ;A; face] -
azh: i was hungry *shrugs*

HAHAHAHAHAH i was laughing like hell and i woke up. throughout the whole thing, azh's face was jus like that =____= like he always look like in the webcam unless he's laughin.

Geez azh. gee. HAHAHAHAHA so in my subconcious memory, you are a glutton. HAHAHA


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