super fast update

n'awwww aint he cuteeeeee
i blame it on davin.he jus had to show me this cutie.

anyway anyway /0/ YAY I FOUND A JOB~ lol. working as an admin assist now.

almost ALL the people in my office sound funny when they talk =.=;; sheez. hahaha takes so much to keep from laughin, and all of them are DAMN old prease. okay luh. the youngest is prolly 8 yrs older den me =3= i m young /0/ WOOOOOOOOOOOO hahaha

been rather tired these days working. but ahh~~~wellz.

off to chiong nail art for tmr's shoot, and also need to do the wigs @-@ busy busy busy. i will be takin care of lawliet's toky's and prolly chiru's hairstyle and my own hair. and toky's and my own makeup =3= chiru jus needs abit of help. also takin care of lawliet's outfit[partial], toky's outfit and prolly helpin chiru's with hers. LOLOLOLOL lol. chiong nails chiong nails.


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