Cousin's bdaeeee hur


YAY HAPPY 19TH and 21ST to my fav cousins ~~~*hearts you guys*

wilson will be 21 from today onwards, and fiona hit 19 the on 9th already.

they've been my fav cousins since young. we are always hanging out with each other cos our age is a running number. hahahaha... they are the coolest siblings i've ever come across and my buddies/cousins

anyway anyway.

nua-ed till 12 plus den buy dye and dye hair with twinneh. den after that went to my cousin's bbq. my voice = GG ah well~~~ i havin flu too 8D

anyway. i think i should sleep early nowadays =.= my eyes gettin veh jialat...eyebags. WTH.
sorry to all my late night chat friends~~~ i love my skin more den i love you guys 8D HUR~

no make again. was a bbq, put make up for whut?! hahaha

no more blond on me anymore~~~~ okay luh, mayb abit of plantinum here and there. but introducing new stone ash colour hur. ash brown. wth whatever it is.




prolly look like some physco here


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