sick. hahaha

AHAHAHAH yes guys~~~

thank to all who had asked or noticed that i was sick yesterday [not as exaggerated as the picture luh~~~]~ I am NOT feeling better sadly, but i've gone to see a doctor like how some people have been urging me to do so ^^

its nothing seriously, basically cough, flu, sorethroat, headache and nausea. some of the usual stuff 83

click for full view. blue is where i started from

i walked from my office all the way to yew tee MRT.
i was sick, with a headache, and it was in the blazing afternoon sun. lol. by the time i reached the mrt station, i look like it drizzled outside, and the platform was movin =.=;;; oh geez. hahahaha

the stuff has arrive /0/ yay for first batch. now to chiong abit for the nex batch for tonight 83


Dont shove your care and concern in my face after what you did last night, i dont need it.
the whole convo was talking about what you want, and what you need, and what I can give you. dont say it isnt, cos it sure look like that to me. You like to compare alot dont you? Things I have done for you seems to be very insignificant compared to the things i have not done for you, so why do I even try so hard in the first place.

I am not angry anymore, i dont even want to get angry anymore cos I find that there is basically no point. If I do, we will end up quarreling again.
You were so caught up in making your point, that you dont even care when I told you that I am not in the best of health to argue with you. While everyone was asking how I was feeling and was i gettin better, and trying to make me feel better with words, there you are, snapping and disappointing me with yours. Dont pile up guilt threats on to me by telling me you want to cry or whatnot, because I was already so.

You might say that you did not mean that way, you did not want to get it that way, and that we need to see each other and talk it out so that it is better.
But no.
its obvious that you meant every word that you've said. you and your pride, your ego and your jealousy. I've learnt to accept everything and give in more than I have ever done. Guess thats not enough is it? Its okay. I'll keep giving what I can till you are happy.

taking from your own words. you are finally showing your true colours.


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