=A= ah sheez

cos i have my hdd plugged in and i think ryosuke is cute. HAHAHAHA *frips hair*

ANYWAY. i've been rather productive again today.

I have revamp my instock thread /0/ wigs are going mostly at $20-$45 so please take a look 8DDDD

next up. i have sorta out some of my desktop/ recieved folders/ pictures stuff. cos i have ALOT of repeating items that i did not clear out of these folders =.= namely. cosplay photos. WTH.

and why is that so?
the main culprit is usually swiftwing. he sends me zipped folders online, sends me unedited versions, sends me yousendit files and sometimes gives me pictures on msn*which i will save* so i end up having lots of copies. hahahahha but i cleared those out of the way today.

classified my stuff, freed up alot of new spaces. cleaned up renaissance stuff[they have alot piled up in my laptop actually], cleaned up my past photos which i have uploaded on to the com for blog.

was planning to work on my tattoos jus now...but i guess i'll leave it for tmr =3=/ hurhur. i'll try not to procrastinate orzll

meep /0/ back to manga


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