Jamming again~~~


okay. i need to blog like promised. LOL

went to renaissance jamming again today~~~


copied from FB:

For the first time ever, D'J Party will be having an encore gig, if you missed some of the bands that performed on 13th June 2010, here's your chance to catch them again. We will also be introducing two new bands, so do come down & support them if you are free.

Date Time Event
Event Day
26/6 Saturday 1530 – 1630 Setup
26/6 Saturday 1630 – 1700 Band 1 (Kiseki) Performance

26/6 Saturday 1830 – 1845 Band 4 (Renaissance) Setup
26/6 Saturday 1845 – 1915 Band 4 (Renaissance) Performance

Do come down and support if you like these two bands. actually. even if you dont, come down and hear them out too 83


pictures frm today. i did not intend to take pictures so this was all i have.
din take pictures of the two guitarists~~~ so sorry to the fans 8DD

i keep laughin when i saw him wear like that. SEXY AR PEISHENG~

neo~ ahahah was test shooting

and ah beng kesh =w=b the most epic person today.

now i know that the cap of a mac coke when threaded with a straw can use for fencing, wth @ Kesh and Davin =.=
den neo even more epic. call them childish, den he also join in after that. LOL


anyway. i should stop procrastinating. shall do something productive tmr =3=/


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