Makeover "torture" session

ah hahahha 83 it was a day full of laughter yesterday~~~from afternoon all the way till around 9pm.
its been quite a while since I was so amused. XD

so as scheduled, Neo and Davin came over to my place to redo Neo's image.
I call it NEO to NEO VISUALISM /0/ ah hahaha XD *special thanks to miyavi雅*

so they came over, picked out the colours. and shoppin /0/
got neo's contacts, foundation, hairspray for the wig and the things he need for his brows. and YESH A WIG ah hahahah XD

In the end we decided on the blond he had initially liked. Aside from me laughin out of amusement from time to time, i think Davin's expressions made me laughed the most, cos whenever Neo asked for his opinion, he jus give that "I dont know what to say anymore" look.

hahaha its okay luh neo~~~ ignore davin. HAHAHAHA and good luck to you wearing contacts on that day HAHAHA

one convo while styling neo's wig before cutting

neo: *to me* you know, davin da ge shows his love through actions one, he wont show it through words de.

me: orly?

neo: ya, he's always like that

davin: ... *straightening neo's wig*


After dinner, me and neo decided to convince Davin into doing make too. HAHAHA that guy was very hard to convince in a way, but i think he wasnt in the mood to. We won him over anyway~
which made me recall a super epic conversation, not word for word though, its jus a rough clip from my memory @_@

neo: I might not be good, but I can give you some opinions too [referrin because he asked davin to come over to give opinions], [already near mumbling]even though i think you wouldnt take them

davin: *picks up mirror* you think I will give a damn about your opinions


i broke out into laughters. it was epic.

so anyway, we got davin to do his make, and dumped a yukata on him. hahahah XD soooooo

here are the pictures of the two feats from last night~!
There are more pictures, but i m only uploading their two best shots ~~~ so damn full of lovee~~~





and whats a real jrocker without some smiles and dorkiness???


davin was making neo laugh for this one asking him not to act cool, and neo was going oiiiiiii dont make me laugh *laughin*

davin did this before i snapped as a spontaneous action, and i was like. You want you do properly for the cam luh 8D den yeaaaa hahahaha. dork~


god =.= so jealous of them pleaseeeeeee

like. Neo has SUPER LONG bottom lash.
and Davin has naturally big pupils and long lashes =A= are they even guys?
hahaha okay luh.

but both of them are manry irl =w=b and perfectly normal, so dont mistake them okai. HAHAHAHA


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