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Despite visiting several countries around in Asia like Jakarta, Taiwan, Japan and Korea; one place that I seem to have not visited is Penang, Malaysia where the good food hails from. Johor Bahru is a location I frequent the most in Malaysia, and I have been to Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Genting and Cameron Highlands as well.
I may have visited when I was younger, but memory fails me.

As a someone who has been fascinated with being in front of the camera and creating pictures behind the scene, there is one place which I would love to visit to in Penang as well.

That would be the famous Penang Camera Museum (aside from all the good food and religious places).

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Located in Georgetown (Penang), this place holds the history of cameras. From invention to now, there are plenty of cameras on display as well as works by talented artists.

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Sometimes it takes a lot to create a beautiful picture, for example, a great team would be essential.

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Who still remembers the film rolls we have to use in the early 90s when things are not digital yet?
I still remember how my mom would remind the curious little me not to open up the back so that we do not lose any pictures. I happen to value my pictures more than curiosity so it worked really well, which I later found out the reason for when I grew up and got my own instax camera.

The location to stay at when you are overseas always poses an issue when you have sights to see and food to eat, but travel tip is to always find somewhere near to your main priority with a great review.
I’ve always spent hours on searching for the perfect location to stay.

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The perfect hotel choice for visiting The Photo Museum!
Located near the coast (about 500-600m away), this hotel promotes a good view and excellent location stay. Not only do you get to visit one museum, there are plenty of other sightseeing places as well. Chocolate and Coffee Museum, Penang Time Tunnel & Fluorescent 3D Mural Museum, and the Hainan Temple, just to name a few.
Food is definitely not an issue as well as there are several local food stores(like the Chulia Street Night Hawker stalls) to restaurants, and even Subway.

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Sporting a 8.6/10 review and a stunning lobby, this hotel is a grand and strategic location at a reasonable price. Just think of all the transportation fees you can save, while getting comfort and great instagram-able location at the same time. Reviews mentioned that the staff are really friendly and helpful as well.

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Did I mention the view? Check out the view! The interior looks really cosy as well, to be really honest.

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And the pool, oh my god! Pool and gym are so important for short getaways like this because I need to be very watchful of my weight and shape.

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Can’t forget the breakfast area too! Love the setup.
It is pleasant to have a clean location with an adequate setup during a buffet breakfast. It is quite frustrating to walk to and fro for a single plate sometimes, which I have experienced at some buffets before.
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