movie date with parents~ lol

starting my post today with a CM picture of my girlfriend ~~~ *hearts* ahahaha
dunno why. i think that day i too tired. almost 70% of my shots came out BLURRED. =.= shit man. hahahaha and most of girlfriend's pictures kenna. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz damn sian.


so today my dad came home, and the first thing he told me was.

eh. wan go watch movie?

i thought i heard wrongly. so i stone-d for a while.

den he came into my room and went

dad: I NOT JOKING LEH. want go watch movie mai?
me: you veh rich ar
dad: no luh~ i got complimentary tickets
me: 0.0
me: =A=;;;
dad: serious. want go watch anot?
me: okokok.

so we went off and watched karate kid.
called lawliet down also cos she jus finished school and was nearby.
it was at causeway point btw.

when we reach there it was like...SUPER LONG LINES. and i m like HUH? EH. CAUSEWAY POINT ON A MONDAY NIGHT LEH?!!! YOU GUYS NO LIFE?
so i kept complaining.
and complaining...
and...complaining. LOL

but anyhow. we missed the first 20 mins or so due to long queue. but the movie was good.
we got first row seats. wth. as usual. but it was funny. the movie that is.

okay. cut short. i need to go finish up my backlog =w=b

and btw~ i m in a super good mood now, so if ANYONE, tries anything funny to even piss me off a little bit, they will be blocked tonight. i m not in a mood to entertain ^^ i m selfish tonight.


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