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this sucks. period. this really sucks.

once again people, if you see me online [] that is NOT me.

currently now i m really really low, cos this really sucks.
i use FB everyday. there is TONS of stuff that keep me occupied there everyday. but now, that is gone. I can live without it, but what i really wanna do is to keep contact with my overseas friends. so that sucks.

my email. has been with me for mayb around 2-3 years. things and emails that are piled up in that box, is memories and info that i cannot afford to lost. so that sucks too.

this is really shitty mr Hacker. why cant you go get a decent 8-5 job and go get a life?

above everything was typed emotionless, as i dont really know what to feel anymore. sleepin at 6am and waking up at 3pm renders my emotions useless.


anyway. jus a heads up for people which accounts are safe now. - This email has an MSN which I am using now. I've already added people that i remembered from memory last night.
I am NOT accepting random adds now.

when you add me, there is [INCLUDE YOUR OWN MESSAGE] box.
type in any memory of ours. the more the better. cos i have HORRIBLE memory ^^ but if you dont think that you need to add me,den sure. dont try.

other acct that are still mine.

my blog, DUH.
deviant art
sgcafe acct
yahoo msn
paypal [note the email is different for this already]

Webpages that i can think of that are at risk [things i cant be bothered with anyway]

yuuto's blog

so yea =.= gonna go do stuff to take my mind off this while waiting for FB and Hotmail to give me their EFFICIENT and CORRECT replies. zzzz


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