Productive day 8DDD

hell yea it is.

I've brought out all my instocks and took pictures of them 8DDD

and listed out the price. all that is left is to edit and up the pictures =w=b


second productive thing is working on a FB page. no hahha not my own page.

yesterday talked abit with Davin and we, or mainly I, decided to try out something.
Since Renaissance is still a new band, decided not to create a new page yet. But just for the sake and the fun of it, decided to convert Davin's old page into a mini page for Renaissance. *still in process*

Davin's stuff will still remain on that page for Davin's fans of course. New Renaissance stuff will go up too.

Mayb when someday i sibei wu eng, den i go do up a proper page for them, but for now, jus to entertain ourselves only 83



talked abit with Neo jus now, that guy ar. has SOOOOOOOOOOO many ideas about his looks but he cant settle for any.
he wants to cosplay kanda. ROFL. epic luh him

and kesh ar kesh~~~

to all kesh fans ar~
you guys de dear cute little bassist is working hard, so please do go down and support him on 26 this comin saturday okay?

our little dark humor optimist *huggles kesh*


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