MUAHAHAHAHHAHA the first time i tried out gyaru style, and i scored a perfect with this damn song =.=
been trying this song on hard mode for like....ionno. mayb more den 10 times...den FINALLY. i did it on that day and scored a perfect /0/

not much today. went out. met up witha few friends.
after that met davin to pass him the harddrive to get virgin2nd and my Aoi features in DIM < href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Wj_ysXe60hA/TCTZEzj6SjI/AAAAAAAAB1E/8Zw1frtOSdM/s1600/DSC01619.JPG">

the ball of horror i got from cutting wig. WALAO. DAMN HUGE CAN hahahaha...it is not the first time i get such a huge ball from cutting wigs, but it is the first time i get this amount from cutting ONE WIG/ONE COLOUR. hahahah XD

k. off to relax abit and head to bed /0/
si peisheng. still not online.


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