and i m not the coser/model.



ytd woke up around 9am

slack until 9.30 den started going to drag myself around to do stuff.
So taichou they all dropped by around 10 plus near 11am to do their make and hair~

added lashes for taichou. so liek. he turned from gakupo to kaito. wahahahha damn funny.

and we realise that all kaitos hash a curse ;A; all our wigs' elastic will break on one side. ROFL. wth manz. cos we compared wigs. taichou's, mine and twinneh's

went out around 1 to pick up the nua demon boss aka Geno and head down to Central

Kaito Driving 8DDD

with twinneh

with taichou

anyway. when we reach there, nua boss brought 2 cams, so i started shooting too

conclusion : i prefer to be the one infront of the camera =.=;;; hur.

after that, went to liang court Gelare for the last scene shoot, WITH ICE CREAM~~~ hurhur~~~ damn naise.

den after that, neo joined us for dinner~
i finished my pasta this time. YAY

den went to kinokuniya. Dangerous to stay in there, cos we can see alot of mangas and the urge to cosplay....HAHAHA wth manz.
Then taichou begin his road of looking at hopes and dreams. damn funny.
after that, parted with neo and taichou drove us all home.

Funny. WE LOST THE CAR TWO TIMES. one was at the central, the other at liang court. we totally forgot which floor the car was on =.=;;;
after taichou got into the car, first thing, was he toe cramp den FUEL LOW. hahahah we were like. HOSEH /0/

well. all in all. it was an awesome time /0/
sankyuu taichou for the rides and ice cream again~~~


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