83 reception @ Shine

This was my hair like....say...ionno @_@ when i was in secondary? hahaha
YEA. prolly sec four. so thats like 4 years ago?

tons of transformation[cutting dying whatever shit] and finally i left my hair out because of something an old friend told me.

so liek. even though i tie it up. its not hard to estimate my hair lenght. about mid back now.

hahaha wai am i talkin bout my hair now? COS ITS SHO FRUFFY I'M GONNA DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
os ytd, scandal was showing off his new essential airy anti-frizz serum. =.=
i've heard and seen alot bout it but not convince luh cos no one around me is live example. den. scandal had to go and tempt me =.=


today while pearson was buying gel liner for me, i decided to get it. the nourishing lotion that is, cos i liek teh honeh smell < 3 hurhur. I first started essential with the conditioner, den moved on to hair mask, and now, teh lotion.


i can run my fingers through mah hair ends naoooo /0/ wooooooooooooo been so long since i played with my hair like that hurhur XD *does uruha hair wriggles*


So attended the reception at Cathay with Neo, Pearson and scandal today because Shinn and Kesh did not want to go.
The ceremony.
full of bs. i feel like i was back in secondary school listen to Mrs Koh giving speechs =.= DEAR FUHUA KNIGHTS. smlj? lol.
I nearly fall asleep if not for davin giving his random commentaries =.=
and on top of that, there was NOTHING on the bands which performed, NADA. damn sian luh.
The only redeeming thing about the whole buffet thing was like the super sweet blackcurrant drink and cream puffs =3=

Den Chris came, had a bit of problem with a f-uped taxi driver. make him sibei sian.

After that went off with pearson and neo to get my gel liner /0/ YAY FINALLY. MAYBELLINE I HASH COME BACK!!! i pwomise not to cheat on joo anymore ;A; *ditches faceshop* seriously. faceshop gel liner is SHIT. pui. that thing dried up so damn fast from the date of opening. like mayb 2-3 months only????
my maybelline one lasted me right to the very last few bits, for more den A YEAR. geez

den after that head to yamaha with them, cos pearson wanted to look at cymbals. Learnt abit about cymbals and drumsticks 83

den met back up with davin, and pearson wanted to play arcade /0/

on KOF /0/
neo 2 - pearson/davin 0

i played a little of soul calibur. i think the console was shittin me, cos no reason why i can combo at iluma and not there. cost me alot when i cannot combo. damn sian.

Den after that, everybody tired, so homez /0/ ahahaha XD

gotta go clear ALOT of backlog stuff man.

I realised that the hardest thing i've ever faced was to hold back tears, and to cry properly when i've held back too much.


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