Being abit productive these days 8DDD


anyway anyway. i've been RATHER productive nowadays /0/

I did my laundry by myself.
I've update quite abit of my dead makeup port~ [tiemz to update deviant and cure too 8DDDD]
and i m going to fold my laundry after i finish this post 8DDD


so on thurs~
lawliet came over to trim her hair and neo came over to do abit of stuff with my psp [which he din in the end cos we were laughin at jeff dunham]
he brought over some skater ring thingum which amused me, but i m too retarded to try it XD


den on friday, went over to the hospital with scandal at request of girlfriend, cos she cant go due to work.
we THOUGHT that he was suppose to have his scope turns out that it was another consultation to fix the time of the scope.
he tried to talk us into letting him NOT go for the scope, which was rather failed in a sense.
so when the nurse told him, he was not havin his scope on that day.... he immd turned from a 27 to 6 1/2 =.= geez. bth.
den after consultation, suying ask me to bring him to a playground or something. damn funny.
but of course, we went home. hahaha...and he helped me updated my psp, which still has some problem to it. but i'll figure that out the nex time as long as i can play it now.

waited for suying to knock off and we went to eat benten's /0/ wahahahah XD i m a genius at digging for cornflakes XD



never thought this day would come. i m going to have to restrict my own movements and spendings till i make more 83

so people. dont ask me out. you'll most prolly disappoint yourself. 8DDDDD
*sits at home and suck thumb* heh >w

oh btw. Aoi is really cute~~~ he drew a Chopper. ROFL!!!


my days feel pretty calm nowadays. I think i might be able to really smile again for the first time in such a long time...



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