hahaha some dumbass picture we took while playing with new costume. totally WTH please =.=__ @ jon


today went to watch Predators with jon, lawliet and chiru.


cept for the loud noises and flashy lights, i really felt like sleeping =.=
heng sai i wasnt the one paying... AVP is so much better.

but AVP brought me bad memories too...
I watched it with an awesome friend. i still remember his full name somemore cos he was such a good friend. Ricwan Setana Hardjo [dont know if i spelled the name correctly but this is how it would be pronounced] things happened, and we splitted, but those months with him were good nevertheless.
We even made promises to watch AVP2, but things happened.

whatever. =.= meh.


den after that lawliet and jon headed over to my place for round two of movies 8D
but aiyurrrr my disc so crappy. I think today I am damn lucky, the disc only broke down when they were about to leave /0/ waahahahhaha


on a side note~~~

Happy 3rd Anni to Girlfriend and Scandal <3

i shall blog about what they did to make me happy today in the next post~~~
for now, i shall go do somethingelse /0/


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