K with Min and Serene

my two crazyyyyyyy childhood friends < 3
love them to bits and pieces.

Serene say why i advertise already still no guys find her.
I think i might knw the answer. cos... MAJORITY READING MY BLOGS ARE GIRLS 8D
in any case, guys who are interested in the girl on the right,
please head down to

so today, hui min called me when i jus woke up not long. Ask me go kbox with her and serene, i was like going to say no, den i see the time...aiya. anything luh. go luh go luh. hahahaha

so yeap

met up with huimin first and den saw ah gong and eddie while waiting for her to come out from the washroom. Met up with serene after that and headed to safra /0/

the songs we pick are like totally so old school, during our primary-secondary school periods, all the S.H.E songs, damn epic, i even forgot which part is whose already. Yes. lol. we used to allocate parts to sing heh.

so sang all the way from 3 odd to 7. den went dinner with ah gong 83 so the four of us, jus sat there tcss.
After that head down to the arcade abit. Serene went off to curl her hair and she has dance practice at 11 odd. Huimin went off after watching me play taiko.
Me and Ah gong went to Billy Bombers to have milkshake and spent some quality time with the old man[in reality 2 months younger den me] 8DDD
everytime i talk with him, its always fun and intriguing. Very...intelligent conversations, comparable to the ones i have with Jon 83

After that, head home.


Yesterday, has a nice 2 hour phone convo with Jon who was emo-ing in camp. hahaah best flennnn dont emo luhhh 8DDD

Talking to him always makes me realise alot of things and also makes me remember lots too. He reminded me of a silly little promise, but I doubt anyone will remember it. It was something that I said when I was sleepy, back den I was young too [secondary 4], but its part of my happy memory no doubt~ hehe


After these few days, I feel that my emotions are much more calm.
When I look in the mirror, I see someone much more energetic.
I feel better by alot too. Mayb I have been giving myself too much stress that isnt really needed.

I am going to start and learn everything that I know from the scratch again.
hair cutting, styling, makeup, music, crafts, cooking etc etc etc.
hurhur. ionno. i jus feel like learning alot of things now. *in the learning mood*

jus this morning. i decided to do something nuts.
approx 1am. I took out a wig. and started cutting it.


its something that I dont usually do because
1. not efficient
2. too time consuming
3. the results are STILL the same jus that it is neater

but i did it anyway.

finished and cleaned up+pack up by 3am.

I think I am going to style it tmr if i have time after i finish doing laundry...

and i have NO IDEA why I am cutting and styling it for...wth man.


controllling emotions takes alot.
stopping them, just drains everything from you.
its tiring, but it must be done.


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