Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meh day is meh.

so liekkkkk another picture from ytd

ah gong, me, serene and min.

today is kinda meh.

wokeup and FINALLY settled my china stuff.
webcam-ed abit with Xun.
went out to sign commitment form, YAY have a job now. for....three weeks starting august.
after that shopped around for stuff needed tmr.

Actually...I am quite reluctant to do TF for the NUS ppl.
1. I am low on finance. [there ish no fucking way i can provide free lashes and foundation =.=]
2. I dont like their restrictions
3. I feel intimidated when working with other artists [cos liek hiiii they bring out their imba stuff and certs to rub it in your face]
4. The timing is freaking early.

quotes from email.

Styling will start at 9am. Reporting time for stylist is 8.45am.

Make up for girls: Slightly smokey brown eye shadow, rosy cheeks, natual looking lips, Matte face. Nothing too smokey for the contestants as they are still young. Would prefer more natural look. Reference: and search "extreme puppy eyes"

Stylist are required to bring their styling tongs, straightener, bobby pins, hair spray, wax, hair bands, cosmetic boxes, lashes..etc...

overall, i m still quite meh meh and sore over the fact of it. they BETTER return my bobby pins and hair bands....freaking $5 bucks worth. pui.

Natural look den mai put makeup luh *bleargh*
so mafan.

so tmr i'll prolly be in a rather rotten mood after the shoot.

Anyone want to company me to go there =3=/


anyhowzzz i shall be abit productive later. shall go and uh. curl the project that i left the other night 83

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