my sweets loves < 3

girlfriend and scandal~~~

like i blogged yesterday, i will show you something sweet they did.

on my way home, i recieved this... [my screen is badly busted. so whatever]

and when i on my com and logged to facebook, i saw this

so damn happy can? even on their 3rd anniversary, they never forget me and tried to make me happy~ thats why i love them so muchhhhhh *huggles both of them* i felt damn loved really.


and jus now best friend also gave me naise quote 8DDD

Ultima Azure says:
lol gotta love this
a friend will calm u down when your angry, but a best friend will skip beside u with a baseball bat singing "someones gonna get it~~"

hahahaha. asshole luh.

i bet he would like to use that baseball bat badly. hahahaha XD


hehehe *rolls around happily*


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