pre cosfest 8D

miyavi when his slate was much cleaner 8D

anyway. my costumes are gettin under way fast. i WILL make it 8D

day 1
- costume DONE
- prop 80%
- wig DONE
- contacts DONE

day 2
clothes - Pants not done
accessories - all here
contacts - check
wig - DONE
tattoos - check / not printed? Soon in charge of it now. will be done by tmr.


set a few records today

5 wigs in 2 hours

shoppin done in prolly less den 40mins, inclusive of walking.
surprisingly i chanced upon miyavi-ish shades also, actually i've given up before that, but gettin it is like a stroke of luck. 8DDDD

so awesome.


now currently i m like typin this post in the dark.
staying over with zelmer, jon, lawliet and chiru in a chalet 8DDD awesome much.
bunkin with them had always been fun but this time, i m the only one that has laptop so they try to monopolize it as much esp when i m away.

jon is watchin me type this and prolly snickering. HAHAHA. couldnt care less.
jon go sleep please.


anyway. cant wait for cosfest in a few hours where i get to do my stuff.

we shall has macs breakfast tmr 8DD


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