Productive day again =w=b

a picture of chio chio AHM~
YAY productive day~~~ /0/

woke up around 12 odd

packed my stuff abit and head over to min's house to do hair and make.

i would say. overall is quite fail =.=;;;

1. forgot to bring mah curlerssss
2. forgot to bring mah blusher brush
3. i dont have my gel liner *whines at peisheng*
4. this is first try. ROFL.

i need more practice =w=b

so head over, did her makeup and hair.
roughly know how the stuff works already, but i need more practice.
and dennnn
we went on to doing a shoot for her in her room~~~ hurhur my not-so-imba setup as usual.Din wanna bring the more zai cloth that i used for Neo cos damn heavy luhhhh


After that met twinnie at queenstown to pass her her lash and concealer, i think she go cut hair again~

den met twinneh @ cityhall to meet dennis to let her collect her wigs~~

and den~~~

me and twinneh went out to ice cream session @ Ben's and Jerry's
den dinner at Secret Recipe~

and den we head home.

优柔寡断~~~HAHAHA epicly funny =w=b


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