skin irritation and "mugging"


i've took advice and went to see a doctor for my skin irritation last night. it was SO DAMN HORRIBLE PLEASE ;A; went all the way to my back, patches on legs and as for hands...maikong liao. most horrible one HAHAHA

should be takin my med soon 83 and den k-o in about 1 hour's time cos the med...super gao lat one. =.=


So what have i been doing for the past two days?

-lookin for a job
-watchin anime

most importantly.


studying...hairstyling. MUAHAHAHAH XD
cos ageha/gyaru hair intrigues me compared to visual kei. i mean. visual kei...pretty standard, and i've sorta learnt enough. so now i wanna move higher 83 like how the fuckin hell they secure all those hair with jus one shitty bobby pin =.=

watch TONS of videos, good ones and shitty ones.
saved tons of pictures to study =.=;;;

i need to practice. liek. seriously practice. i need torture subjects again. AHAHAHAH *gets bricked*


*back to drinkin pi pa gao and slacking*


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