stupid. stupid. stupid.


random picture. rofl. short hair, i can hash.


not really in a mood to blog even though i've finish editting all my NUS pictures.

alot of pretty girls and handsome guys luh. but. not my type ba. hur.


anyway. went dinner with suying and davin today.
sankyuu girlfriend for treating me~~~ love you muacks muacks hurhur~~~

after that met up with Ren and his bassist 83 hurhur. was going to watch their game, but overrun with scandal's side, so jus went for a short drink session with them. NON-ALCOHOLIC. HAHAHA
damn funny talkin to them both luh =w=b

after that reached home around 12 odd /0/ hoseh~ hahaha


in lieu with my title.

sometimes i jus realise. alot of things i could have avoid.
alot of things that i know i should not do, cos i will get irritated by the results in the end.
but i ended up doing alot of things anyway.
this is one of those days.

i really feel like jus burying my face into the pillow and scream until i have no voice.

it is REALLY irritating.

and no. lol. i m not talkin about the $35 cab fare for today even though i was pissed off by it at the start.sibei sian.


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