What comes jus have to come...

our last picture.

I've never regretted it and I will never regret the decision i make tonight.
I was happy with him. I was unhappy with him. it happens.

update: as of 26/01/11

Today i learnt something from my instructor. Something that is always there but so easily neglected.. which was why i have decided to edit this post. If anyone happen to come across this and saw that it has changed, yes, this is the very first time that Sochii has edited a post in the blog at own's accord.

Never once, have i regretted anything that happened with him. It just did not work out. Not entirely his fault, neither was it entirely mine was something i learnt from listening. Whatever he feels about me right now, i do not need to see or hear from anyone to know.

Humans being measured by humans. We are all on equal status, who are we to judge really.

I've loved him, I've stopped loving him.


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