Bdae wish list 8D because i say so hur *flips hair*

the ageha-ish shoot that i did some time back. hur during the afternoon of sundown 83

ageha-ish cos i m failed. hahah XD



i decided to make a wish list. for fun. lol

Sponsor for my DOLLS cosplay
Sponsor for my Hakuouki cosplay
Gazette Art Book
ZA two way foundation tone 32
Yessaintvelaurent BabyDoll parfume
any replica of gazette encore shirts 83 Black Blue White
ageha koakuma mags
Cure mags
popteen mags
makeup removal wipes
MAC eyeshadows
knitted punk top


meh. i m nuts. hahaha


woke up at around 10.20 this morning by my mom luh =.= zzzz
jus to go eat dim sum with my relatives. you know the funniest thing?


nahpehz. my mom made us reach there like 11.10am[via MRT and Bus btw]. wth man. liek totally.
so i ordered food first. by the time everyone reached, i m already full. epic much.
@_@ my mom and my uncle[feng's dad] are more enthusiastic about FB games den me and feng =.= serious super epic. hur.

after that headed home. I am now camping in my brother's room cos the weather is a bitch and my bro switched on his air-conditioner. *nua in his room* hahhaha


I believe in karma.
Those mutts who robbed[the minimart of my uncle] AND injured my aunt and uncle[Eugene's parents] to the point where they had to go into the hospital, will pay dearly for it.

jus now me and my uncle and aunt[the youngest pair in the family] were discussing about it.
uncle: mayb when they drove off they got into a car accident or something
aunt: the next tree to fall will fall on them lo.
den we went on to discussing about their horrible fate.
my aunt brought up the most imba thing. Mayb they will have cancer after cancer 8D cos my uncle say that if the have aids, it will be endangering the society. =w=

but i still like my curse of where they get hit three times by cars in one hour consecutively before they actually collaspe and die.
like you know...mayb get hit by car once, den break an arm or something, stand up want to look for help...
but got hit again, this time head bleeding and maybe some inner injury, den still wanted to look for help.
and finally gettin hit for the last time, and got sent like mayb 10M away from the point of impact, prolly see a flying arm, and acquiring punctured lungs or brain spill...something along that line you know.

it was horrible. my aunt[eugene's mom] has a burn scar on her mouth area due to the chlorofoam used on her.

damn those losers. get a freakin proper job luh!
You dont see me robbin people even though I am jobless.
and dont give me shit about they are poor and stuff.


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