day out collecting =3=

You'll never reach where I am, so stop trying to put me down.


anyway. went out with lawliet to collect the tics from some girls and the ones i ordered from dardar.

after that we head over toky's to slack and collect stuff~
and played a little with his dogs [charlie, bingo and bambi]

Charlier flirting with Bambi[the smaller one]

and the infuriated Bingo because he was capture while trying to keep Charlie away from Bambi

our logic

Charlie is a gentleman
Bambi is a lady
Bingo is some chao ah beng. HAHAHAH

Den toky took us to ice cream chef to have some ice cream treats~
root beer with fruit loops /0/ yay ~~~ but prolly after the first two minutes or so, it started tasting like coffee with fruit loops. lol


Yesterday evening till night was another fun time~~

Lawliet, Chiru and Ren crashed over at my place for some hairstyling awesome time /0/
Chiru had her roots covered with a new brown, ends bleached and wildcherry secured in.
did mori mori hair for lawliet and chiru, but i think it needs more poof~
and did host hair for ren, but his hair was a tad too short luh huh. so abit fail.

we had chips together and laughed about random stuff.
den we ended up watchin negero radio, freaking funny stuff, we never get sick of it.
However, Chiru and Ren ended up addicted to ShotaShotaNightFever, esp the rame rame yo FU! part =.= seriously speaking, it gets a bit irritating when they do it too much. hahahaha~~~ but it was cute, so i still love them.

Lawliet went back around 10? cos her mom was hissy and the other two only went back around 11. Ren's mom got hissy too *huggles ren* poor thing
Chiru on the other hand got lucky, her dad came down to drive her back.


Tmr shoot
Monday, another shoot + Brenda's party =3=ll

i wonder how much more worn out am I going to get, physically and mentally.


Sometimes I just have to close my eyes, breathe, and remain silent.
Then I realise, if it gets worse, I should just let it go.
If it disappears, I'll just smile and try to forget.


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