shoot today was AWESOME.
suppose to shoot at a forest, but in the end our path was FLOODED.
so no choice, went to beach instead.

the beach. is...

i dunno how many times i've landed myself in supposedly trouble with the terrains there. lol /0/

but anyway. i love the shoot /0/

even though it was like raining =.=
so. i made some changes last minute. and exchanged one of my long dresses for a short one.
cos several reasons.

1. it was raining
2. Shorter dresses = easier to walk in
3. the other two models has long dresses. and they look damn chio and mature. so i decided to try out with short one.
4. inspired by tsubasa masukawa [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtEDM6kLxL0] she looks dead cute...i m like prolly a few hundred million ranks below her ;A;

turns out that. it was an AWESOME decision. i could run, skip and prance around hurhur /0/ and the dress material was awesome too /0/

the second dress restricted alot of my movement as expected. cos it drags on the floor with alot of trailing entrails. BUT!!!!! it gave a whole different feeling as compared to the first one. so AWESOME /0/ even though it was freaking heavy cos it was soaked in water and what not. but, it was a way diff feeling and look compared to the short one. hurhur.

its something like a little fairy vs a water siren kinda thing. not that i m saying i m either of those but it is kinda like that. one prances and the other is still. rofl /0/


even after trashing it out in the rain and water, my hair was still up by quite abit. i feel awesome
hahaha XD

dead tired. tiem to rest /0/


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