anyway. first things first.

okay the time is OVER but my clock is stuck on 8th. so happy belated/17th[10 years ago] bdae to ex-bf hurhur~~~


so went out with kent ONLY, after 3 years.
I would say the feeling isnt quite the same as last time...but at least its not that awkward between us anymore. i guess. lookin forward to seeing him again definitely >w< this time i should work hard instead of letting him take care of me everytime.

we will go back to how we used to be. I want to at least.

went for drinks at two diff places and i went to play taiko also.

YEA /0/ i reached the stage of 太鼓铁人 woots /0/ was constantly stuck at 名人。dammit. hahahha

some things never change though. he's still as lame as ever. hahaha


after that head down to pearson's place with lawliet chiru and jon.

ex-bf's bdae party hurhur XD

well... overall it was quite fun i guess ^^ but wasnt really very hyped.as in me. hahaha not the party.

nothing much luh. jus pretty much hanging with lawliet, chiru, jon, girlfriend and scandal.

den damn funny. when we went toilet, the door to the guys was LOCKED. hahahha
nvm luh. scandal was 3/4 woman so we let him into the ladies. XD damn funny. he was like..ermmmmmmmm
den go out.
den we shouted for him to come in. he was like 83 idiot. hahaha.

after that on the way back home, during the train ride. Lawliet and Chiru was spazzing over raving rabbits. so funny. i think i should play it tmr too. dunno if the RR world party is spoilt anot @-@ shall see tmr...

k. off i go now /0/ hur. going to go stare into utter blankness.


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