hates driving.

i wanted to upload the natsu matsuri pictures but photobucket is down and i m lazy to switch to other servers so it will have to wait.


i've learnt one thing from the disappearing lesson.
nex time i disappear. I have to cut interwebs COMPLETELY[okay mayb not that complete] and MOVE HOUSES [so that they cannot really knock on my door] wtfudge.




liek. fuckn cute only~~~ but can only be bought with gold. pui/
i still think tora looks funny btw. ahahaha XD


and den. lol.
i hate driving.
fuckin troublesome =.=b
but i have to go through with the lessons. damn sian.
if my instructor is visually appealing, den mayb it would be more interesting..meh.


time to go roll around abit and den do some shoppin and snuggle in mah bed~


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