HOTD and accomplished feelings 8DDD

Saeko Busujima *loves*

hurhur. Actually I've read this back like...prolly end of year two near year three start. it's been released quite a while ago.
I WOULD HAVE cosplayed it long ago if not for the criteria of boobs really. So please people, please dont request me to do it. hahahaha i dont have boobies like saeko ^^v

finished up the anime to the lastest episode. Must say, its exciting hurhur and all the hopes and dreams of taichou in there. absolutely epic.


Today, I feel darn accomplished. I've finally got off my lazy ass and went to set up the wii for my workout. Did 45mins today.

I thought I would be like....prolly age 30 or something due to the fact that I have not worked out in a long while, but surprise surprise, I was only 24. [for those who dont know. Wii fit has this age movement detection test, so yeap. If i was in top form, I would be my own age of course]

Another surprising thing was my weight, I was 101lbs[approx 46kg] when I left Wii fit, that was prolly about mayb, at least 3 months ago? I dont remember, but today, when I step on, I was 100lbs[approx 45.3kg] and I've just finished my lunch like less then an hour. ROFL. awesome stuff. Time to work towards my 42 /0/

Lastly was my posture. I've spent so much time nua-ing on my bed and crouching infront of my com ever since I've stopped Wii and become very much holed up at home. Surprisingly again, it was near perfect. I was only about 3-5% away from the perfect point.

I felt so damn awesome.
Completed the aerobics course, abs tone course, waist trim course and random exercise. My focus has also improved, from 60secs to 180secs.


Competition seems to the hottest thing in facebook nowadays though.

so~~~ HELP ME OUT PEOPLE~~~ /0/

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