dream shoes /0/ and no i dont give a fuck about any opinions on it. so there.
i fell in love with this pair after girlfriend showed it to me 83


anyway. today is actually a uber day until i got home and saw something i dont want to see. so thats it? fuck it man. because of that, i've decided to end my day extra early today. i'll turn in early.

anyway anyway~~~

had breakfast with shinya this morning 83 at macs~~~ whooooooooo /0/
sho naise
den we chatted from 9am till 11odd den head home together.

walking in the rain while you are still sick = bad choice. but it calms me down alot. i should do it often like i have always done it last time.

after that, bath, and headed out around 3 odd for my facial appointment~~
diamond peellllllllll muahahahahaha~~~!!
awesome shit. my face ish sho smooth nao 8DDDD and whiter too =w=b and best part of all, its all FREE. well, theorically $10 bucks since i got it via a donation. $10 for $168. i'd say good deallll~~~

den last min drag jon out for dinner at liang court.
saw the hayashi twins, damn cute as usual, but i never call out to them cos liek hiiiiiii no make. LOL

den after that homez /0/


finish up my show den head to bed. fui.


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