THEY ARE LIEK SHO THINNNNNN HAHAHAHHA XD *motivated to work towards 42* hurhur~~ /0/

i woke up like 6-ish today, because i was hungry. lol. i looked at my handphone and thought that i saw 2.30am den i was like, huh? i slept three hours only? so never, i stoned for a while, den got off bed because i decided that i was hungry. so yea.

den while eating, my mom suddenly came into the kitchen. She was like, YOU NEVER SLEEP? and i m like..okay wth. what time is it @_@ and i heard my bro waking up...it was 5 odd near 6 *headdesk* so i finished my cereal and went to bed again.

woke up near 12.

body all sore ~.~


so i spent the rest of my day on FB, and researching. Useless research, but meh. nothing better to do anyway /0/
DL-ed the aug's ageha scans and last year's mens egg. research research. miff /0/
i still have more to improve on imo =w=/

i remember i chatted with jon about the issue of transgender as to hwai they are actually more into the gender then the original gender people. like trans-girls being more girly den real girl, which makes them look extra suspicious when all they want is jus to live as one only. Why go all the way to act extra girly/man when it exposes you? i dont get it. lol.

but anyway. thats not the main point.
cos one blog jus reminded me about it. I was searching for blogs of agejos and gyarus

http://ameblo.jp/sex-sex-mai/ [transgender *rolls eyes at the boobies pictures*]

and this super cute blog

http://ameblo.jp/clmini/ [mom with daughter]
LIEK SUPER CUTE PREASEEEEEEEE. i wanna make my future boys dress like gyaruos >w<

i cant wait for my new dresses to come in muwahahahaahah
i cant wait to change back into guys' mode this sunday WAHAHAHAHAHA /0/


i m more physc-ed about re-doing my hair 8DDD hurhur >3 TMR.
gotta keep myself busy busy busy /0/ *goes look for jobs and more stuff to amuse myself*

smile. ^^


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