ehhhhhh *coughs*


i'll jus blog about ytd...i m too lazy to transfer the pictures from my phoneeee *wails*

anyhow so.

yesterday. big fail. hahahha

i was suppose to wake up at 7 to do my makeup.
Got my morning call, and i think i vaguely remember asking who was it for three times.
rolled back into my blanket and woke up at 8 =.=

proceed to using my laptop. pack all my stuff at 8.40am
reach bukit batok at 9.55, went to buy breakfast, reach lawliet's at 10.23am
we were suppose to start shooting. but what was i doing? eating breakfast =.= and still hasn done make yet. wtffffffffffffffffffff hahahah XD yay me.

so we started shooting quite late, wrapped up the shoot in less den two hours.

the shoot is super nua as usual. nua until we were jus lazin around on the bed. lol.

i have a feelin i got zhao geng[chest area] but den again...i realise i couldnt be bothered much.
since i m cosin a guy. think like a guy. but have some shame. LOL
pictures turned out pretty good i guess.
i m still havin flu. wonder how m i going to survive driving tmr at 7am.

went to trainin with twinneh after that /0/
learnt to make siphon[is that how you spell???] coffee and tea[proper tea leaves lol]

i m forseeing a high class cafe. lol XD

headache. *crawls to kitchen for dinner* gotta sleep really early today *nods*


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