fuck you hotmail

its been two days and i cant fuckin log into hotmail.


who is so fuckin bo liao really? now thanks to that person, my acct is locked down, and even when i tried changin passwords it doesnt really work either. all my emails are comin in and there is no way that i cant check. fuck you very much.


anyway. last minute went out with hamster and zero.damn epic. laughin throughout the whole dinner of pizza. i feel obese already XD
after that arcade and headed home.

hamster >>> i did a double check. if you wanna go through it will be 676 [including this] posts to find that picture 8D
i m sucha dedicated blogger. LOL!!!

anyhow anyhow. back to GE before my mood turns bad again /0/ gotta level abit before i sleep. at least two levels i hope.


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